“Walk With Us” — Online showcase

Four-film veteran-themed showcase, streaming 24/7 NOW EXTENDED until Nov. 30th

Available to watch now! Using the Show&Tell streaming platform, Jimmy in Saigon joins three other films (Vicki Topaz’s and Wynn Padula’s Dog Walk Home, Norm Anderson’s Donut Dollies, and Ryan and Matt Mayers’ Walk With Frank) to showcase scenes from their up and coming documentaries that artfully explore the emotional and psychological aspects of military and post-military life. Tickets to view are $9.

On November 16th, a Q&A via Zoom with be held and moderated by author, educator, and veteran Doug Bradley. Click here to sign up.

Clockwise, starting upper right:
Donut Dollies, Jimmy in Saigon, Walk With Frank, Dog Walk Home


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Jimmy in Saigon is a feature documentary from Los Angeles based filmmaker Peter McDowell and executive producer Dan Savage. Originally from Illinois, Peter chronicles the story of Jim, his eldest brother and a Vietnam War veteran. In 1972, when Jim was 24 and Peter was only 5, Jim died under mysterious circumstances while living as a civilian in Saigon.

Through over 200 of Jim’s letters, candid interviews with Jim’s friends and family, and filming of the truth-seeking journey that led him across the United States, Vietnam and France, Peter creates an elegiac work that examines grief, family secrets, war, drug use, sexuality, and healing, amounting to a celebration of a short but powerful life.

The great news is that we have already raised over $150,000. Now, we have a goal of raising an additional $20,000 in 2021 to finish the film. If you are interested in learning more about getting a producer credit in exchange for helping to fund this project, please contact Peter; and for anyone who wants to help us, please click on the GIVE button below – many thanks! 


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