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APRIL 2024: Spring Premieres in Indiana and San Diego
MARCH 2024: Distribution and soundtrack
DECEMBER 2023: Year in review
NOVEMBER 2023: Giving Tuesday
NOVEMBER 2023: Philly and LA premieres
OCTOBER 2023: Macon Film Festival award
SEPTEMBER 2023: In Memoriam: Ellen McDowell
JULY 2023: Barcelona win, screenings in Georgia and Vermont
MAY 2023: Screenings in North Carolina, Barcelona, and New York
APRIL 2023: Amsterdam win, screenings in California, Missouri, and Alabama
MARCH 2023: Screening at Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam
FEBRUARY 2023: Private community screening
FEBRUARY 2023: Fundraising goal met
JANUARY 2023: We’re thrilled to report that Jimmy In Saigon was just listed as one of the ‘top LGBTQ films for 2022’ by the Bay Area Reporter:

DECEMBER 2022: Single from Jimmy in Saigon soundtrack released
NOVEMBER 2022: Giving Tuesday
NOVEMBER 2022: Festival award round-up
OCTOBER 2022: Screenings in NYC, Honolulu, and Minneapolis