Jimmy in Saigon #GivingTuesday 2017 Update

Today marks #GivingTuesday, November 28th

Teamwork is everything. Here are some images of work we have done so far this year on this fascinating project.

Counter clockwise from upper left: Lucia Palmarini, consultant; Peter McDowell with Associate Producer Stephanie Smith; Peter with interview subject Dr. Robert Carolan in Eugene, Oregon; Peter with friends while filming in Oregon.GT_border

The Road to Completion:

We are thrilled to be closing in on a final timeline, set of fundraising goals, and post-production plan for Jimmy In Saigon and we’re looking at finishing all remaining filming within the next months. Thanks to hard work by our amazing team in conjunction with Chicago and Mexico City-based Palmarini Productions, we feel excited about the roadmap to get this film finished.

Some Key Priorities we have decided on:

-Come to (emerging) conclusions regarding Jimmy’s story, while accurately and sympathetically communicating a depth of understanding about who he was and the impact of his loss on his family by May 2018.

-Produce a feature length rough cut of film by Nov 2018.

-Continued progress on the film is made through ongoing fundraising and community mobilization tied to reasonable and strategic goals in order to complete film by Nov 2019.

-Film is critically acclaimed, widely distributed and helps people heal, contributing to the documentary field by Nov 2020.

Today, November 28th, 2017 is #GivingTuesday – a day where donors can help to support important artistic and nonprofit projects. While we have raised $25,000 over the past years, the film’s total budget is over $100,000 and we need to bridge that gap to continue to move forward. Between November 28th and December 31st, we’d like to raise $5000 to propel our work into the new year.

If you’ve already invested in this project, we’d encourage you to consider reinvesting by visiting our “Give” page. Documentary filmmaking is expensive – and every bit counts in terms of helping us over the finish line. Have a great holiday season!

-Peter and the Jimmy In Saigon Team

SPECIAL THANKS again to our kind and generous supporters like you – there is literally NO WAY this could have happened without you. <3